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wolfox is a Design House. We create memorable user experiences and design beautiful interfaces.

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What We Do Best

We love design. But we don't design for the sake of it. We design to make your brand and product simple and attractive to your audience. We want your audience to be close and engage with your brand.


We design experiences for your clients. Experiences that matter to them and to you.
We audit, launch, enhance and user test your applications and websites.


Our team of designers, typographers and graphic artists accompany your brand to provide all visual material necessary for its growth.


Need a Creative Boost?

At wolfox we adapt to your needs. We developed a unique short format where we spend the day with your team to produce actionable insights and materials.


Short on Ideas?
Get resourced

It's difficult for an established team to get out of the routine to have fresh ideas. That's where we come in! Our team of young connected up-to-date gen X and millennials will bring a storm of new ideas.

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Need Guidance?
Ask an expert

Been there, done that. Our experts have seen it all: big companies, small projects, crowdfunding, ecommerce... Sometimes a few hours with us can save you days, months or even your project.

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Want the best?
Upgrade your team !

Your product isn't the only one needing continuous improvement, so does your team. The world evolves fast, make sure your team keeps the pace by giving proper training and information.

Was it love at first sight?
Case Studies

Featured Projects


150+ Clients Can't Be Wrong

Our clients are some of the most forward-looking companies in the world.
From established companies to promising startups, we partner with them to innovate and deliver top-notch experiences to their customers.

“We come with an idea and we leave with a project. The wolfox team is easygoing yet super efficient. They are very skilled and know how to listen to the client.”

Emeline Fabre — Esopelia

“Rien à dire. 5 étoiles !”


“Wolfox delivers results that are above and beyond our expectations. It's easy to work with Camila because she instinctively understands what we're looking for without back-and-forth explanation.”

Kathy Tao — Breezing

“Thank you team Wolfox for our super website and above all for your advice and support.”

Camille Nguyen — Muzo

Guess who is not our client yet? You.

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