Creative Boost Workshops

a big extra push

Refreshingly Effective.

Discover a new way of working, try a creative boost workshop and give that extra push to your project or team.

Can you come up with ideas for our Christmas campaign?

Can you update my team on digital media buying?

Can you create a game for our top clients?

Can you gamify our employees on-boarding?

Can you create a game for our top clients?

Can you guide me each month in our marketing actions?

Can you structure my design team?

Can you help optimize my communication team?

Can you come up with banner ads ideas?

Can you share with us the best tools out there?

Yes, we can.

Whether you need new ideas, advice or training, we are here to give the extra push.

One-time extra shot.

Based on our Immersion methodology, you spend a day with an expert to produce actionable insights and materials. The workshop idea is to unblock or launch your project. We come in, we get out, you thrive. It is a one-time shot to solve specific issues. If you want us to assist you on implementing the ideas and advices, we can continue with our regular services.


Short on Ideas? Get resourced

It's difficult for an established team to get out of the routine to have fresh ideas. That's where we come in! Our team of young connected up-to-date gen X and millennials will bring a storm of new ideas.

Do like Hermès did, call our team and have us flood you with amazing and faisable ideas on a new game.


Need Guidance?
Ask an expert

Been there, done that. Our experts have seen it all: big companies, small projects, crowdfunding, ecommerce... Sometimes a few hours with us can save you days, months or even your project.

Centre Anti-addiction prefers to have us for a few hours every month to overlook their marketing actions.


Want the best?
Upgrade your team!

Your product isn't the only one needing continuos improvement, so does your team. The world evolves fast, make sure your team keeps the pace by giving proper training and information.

Afnor needed to update their whole marketing team on the new practices of online media buying.

Guess who is not our client yet? You.

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