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A design firm with a marketing acumen, that design holistic experiences for your clients.

We make top-notch digital experiences that produce tangible results for your brand.

Who We Are

Our Pack

They are bold, they are bright, they are humane.
A brilliant team of out-of-the box makers and creatives to help you conquer new clients and please the ones you already have.

partner, head of operations
Partner, CTO
UX / UI designer
Head of business
+ motion, typographer, etc.

Let our Clients
do the Talking

“I loved the interactive and immediate advantage of the workshop, it is very efficient. wolfox is a beautiful, responsive, intelligent and creative agency"

Sumner Hargrove — Flights of Fancy

“Thanks to the workshop concept, I was able to create in a few sessions my website, find my visual identity and especially the name of my company: Kilima! Wolfox is not just a punctual provider but one with whom to develop a long-term partnership, in the various growth phases that my company will get through."

Yvette Mano — Kilima

“A big thanks to Camila and Agathe who have both been amazing professionals, pleasant and educational."

Anne-Sophie Bonnel — Horsicar

“The workshop allows an exchange of ideas to better define the project through an external and relevant vision while maintaining a good control over the company's means of communication. The team had a very good clairvoyance and ability to understand my project. Collaborating with wolfox was very relevant and effective, in a relaxed context !"

Helene Hossler — Vision Consult'ing

“We wanted to be involved in all aspects of the project in order to let our values and vision speak for themselves and be actively participating in the definition and creation of our visual identity. The workshop was totally adapted to our request ! We arrived with ideas and left with a visual identity and tools !"

Christelle Kamanan — Votre-SAV

“The wolfox's team quickly understood the problematic at the origin of our collaboration, and identified those which we would have identified later on."

Jean-Baptiste Ducasse — Be Joe
Our office

A place to call Home 
…oops Office.

Our HQ is located in the Tech district of Paris, a few feet from Galleries Lafayette and the Opera. Born nomads, it is not unusual we escape our office from time to time to visit a client or work from a trendy coffee shop. 

Guess who is not our client yet? You.

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