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By your side.

Inspired by design workshops and consulting sprints, wolfox developed Immersion.

Immersion is a collaborative new way to work on creative projects with clients. Side-by-side, designers and clients work together thus benefiting from a deep understanding of the market and company as well as creative thinking and design skills.

how it works

The Immersion

One day, one expert, one deliverable. Be part of the creative process by spending the day with an expert to move forward in your project.


We give you some homework and do some at our end to be ready and efficient on Immersion day.


During the workshop we exchange on the project. Aligning and explaining options and implications.

Live feedback

We propose, try and adjust in real-time. You validate every step. No doubts or regrets are left behind.


In the end of the day you have your deliverable : logo, site structure, name, flyer.

Be part of the Creative process

Live the design experience, understand the stakes and make good choices. It’s time to say goodbye to one way communication in agencies and start exchanging with designers to achieve better results.

Better results
in Less time

We cut the fat. Immersion’s live feedback reduces time-consuming exchanges. No emails, no answering machines. All is discussed live. The most efficient and truthful way of communicating.

Track Record

We ran more than 120 immersion workshops in both big and small companies. We are confident of both the benefits and the results of wolfox Immersion method.


Why they liked it

Skeptical at first, our clients are reassured and ecstatic by the end of the day. Check out what they thought of the Immersion format.

Logo Design

Traveldoo by Expedia

Traveldoo's Marketing Director spent the day with our Brand Designer to create their new logo and polish their visual identity.

Traveldoo chose wolfox for its lightning fast format and collaborative methodology.

Training & consulting


Afnor's marketing team received our Marketing Director during 3h for a class and Q&A about programmatic advertising and facebook ads.

Afnor chose wolfox for its deep knowledge in programmatic buying and social ads.

Ux & UI


Wavy's Head of Design and our UX/UI designer got together to discuss enhancements in the user journey and application interface.

Wavy chose wolfox for its collaborative format and top notch UX & UI designers.

Guess who is not our client yet? You.

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